Are Electric Cars Reliable?

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The Yale Climate Connection has suggested that EVs may cost up to 40% less to maintain than an otherwise comparable gas-powered car, but how reliable are electric cars, really? The short answer is that it depends, at least for now—but there are plenty of reasons to believe that you’ll spend less on maintenance and repairs if you choose a vehicle without an internal combustion engine. Our guide to electric car reliability breaks down all the details.



Electric Vehicle Reliability: What Are the Studies Saying?

Some Providence and East Greenwich drivers may have heard that EVs haven’t exactly lived up to the promises of their manufacturers—but the full story is more interesting. In the first place, it’s worth noting that as many as 39% of electric-powered Tesla vehicles required some kind of repair during the first four years that they were driven. However, the issues that were diagnosed had relatively little to do with the equipment that powers these vehicles!

Instead, studies have found that the technology and connectivity features in electric vehicles are more likely to cause problems than the powertrains themselves. Manufacturers across the board have debuted many new technologies in their all-new electric vehicles—and issues in this department are likely to get ironed out in the very near future.

On the other hand, the factors that make electric powertrains much simpler to maintain than internal combustion engines are not going to change any time soon. Unlike hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and traditional gas-powered vehicles, EVs do not require oil changes and they don’t have spark plugs. In general, electric motors have far fewer breakable moving parts than internal combustion engines.

Electric vehicle batteries can be very expensive to replace, but these components are always covered by long-lasting warranties. The EQS from Mercedes-EQ is covered by a 10-year, 150,000-mile battery warranty: the longest in the industry. You can maximize your battery’s lifespan by using Level 1 or Level 2 charging whenever possible, and by keeping your charge between 20 and 80%.

These factors, among many others, add up to fewer maintenance visits and fewer unexpected charges as the years go by. That’s why the Yale Climate Connection has so many good things to say about electric car reliability.

How Long Can an Electric Car Last?

Electric cars might not need oil changes or spark plug replacements, but regular service is still important for drivers who want to maximize the value of their investments. How long can an electric car last with proper care and maintenance? Despite what you may have heard about EV batteries, electric vehicles are likely to last at least as long as their gas-powered counterparts: 150,000–200,000 miles or more.

It’s also true that due to their simpler powertrain designs, the compounding system failures that can total a gas-powered vehicle are less likely to occur in an EV. If you take good care of your battery and your vehicle’s other systems, there’s no reason why your EV couldn’t last even longer than expected.

Start Your EV Journey with Mercedes-Benz of Warwick

Whether you’re still exploring your options or you’re ready to move forward with a new EV today, we’re prepared to help you take the next steps. Contact us to set up a test drive or continue your research from your home in Warwick or Cranston.


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