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Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

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Whether you’ve just gotten caught in a storm or you’d simply like to be prepared for the worst, it’s important to be able to answer the question, “Does car insurance cover hail damage?” In truth, it depends on the type of insurance that you’ve purchased for your car, truck, or SUV.  While Liability Insurance is the only type of insurance that’s required in Rhode Island, you’ll need to pay for additional comprehensive or full coverage insurance in order to defend against the harshest Providence and East Greenwich weather.

What Does Full Car Insurance Cover?

If you only purchase liability insurance, you’ll be in a very vulnerable position if and when the unexpected occurs. Since liability insurance only covers the injured parties and properties in the event that you cause a collision, many of our neighbors consider full coverage insurance for more peace of mind. What does full car insurance cover? This package includes liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance in order to ensure total protection. Here’s what’s included with each component:

  • Liability Insurance
    • Liability insurance pays out to injured parties in the event that you cause an accident. In Rhode Island, you’re required to meet certain coverage minimums for both damaged properties and injured persons.
  • Collision Insurance
    • If you’re the driver at fault in an accident, and you only have liability insurance, you won’t be covered. Collision insurance picks up where liability insurance leaves off, ensuring that you can replace or repair your vehicle when it’s hit.
  • Comprehensive Insurance
    • Comprehensive insurance protects against virtually all damages that aren’t collisions. In addition to covering hail damage, a comprehensive policy covers you for fire, theft, fallen trees, and other natural accidents.

So, does insurance cover hail damage to a car? If you’ve purchased the right policies, the answer is certainly yes! If you’re leasing your vehicle or still paying off your loan, you’ll also want to consider GAP insurance. While you’re at it, explore the full list of finance and insurance options and find out whether your policy covers the car or the driver.

Preventing Hail Damage Before It Happens

You’ve answered the question, “Does car insurance cover hail damage?” However, if you’re anything like most of our Providence neighbors, you’d probably like to avoid insurance talks and repair visits in the first place! Beyond simply parking your vehicle in a secure, covered location, here’s what you can do to prevent hail damage before it ruins your day:

  • Consider purchasing a temporary carport. These makeshift vehicle covers are relatively inexpensive, and most are easy to set up in a hurry.
  • Set up urgent weather alerts on your smartphone or computer. You might be able to move your vehicle before the worst of the storm hits.
  • Consider purchasing a car cover. These fitted protective devices can significantly lessen the impact made by hail. If you don’t have a car cover handy, a thicker blanket can work wonders in a pinch.
  • As a last resort, it may be worth it to lay your vehicle’s floor mats upon the roof or the hood of your car. Especially if they’re made of rubber, hail becomes much less dangerous.

When the Hail Falls, Visit Our Collision Center

Although our service center can assist you with standard maintenance and repairs, you’ll want to schedule a visit to our Warwick collision center in the event that you’re hit by hail.  We possess all of the high-tech tools that are needed to restore your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to factory condition, and we’ll even work with your insurance provider to make sure that you get the service you deserve.

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